Digital Marketing Intro
This module will build your basics in marketing. You will learn the concepts and tools necessary for any marketer to run any successful campaign or create powerful brands and strategies.
Building Web Presence
This module will help you understand the digital counterparts of the brand properties and the best practices for website design and user experience creation in varies with industries.

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Search Engine Optimization
This module covers the steps you need to take for your website to appear on top of search engine results when users search for terms relevant to your business.
Paid Search Marketing
This module will teach you how to create search ads for the right keywords. You will also learn how to structure your campaigns and measure their performance and optimize for conversions.
Digital Channels Intro
This module will introduce you to the fundamental concepts in digital marketing. Using this, you will learn how to select digital channels and relevant metrices to influence your consumers in the right manner.
Social Media Marketing
This module will teach you how to leverage social media using organic and paid methods to build social presence and to achieve your marketing goals.
This module teaches you how to set up and use retargeting within your digital campaigns to increase the chances of converting visitors on your website to customers.
Affiliate Marketing
This module would teach students how to enroll for affiliate marketing, different affiliate platforms and how to maximize commissions from affiliate marketing.
Content Marketing
This module covers multiple methods you can use content across multiple digital channels like websites, social and SEO to increase traffic.
Web Analytics
In this module you will learn how to measure and analyse performance metrics across digital channels such as SEO, SEM, Social Media, Display etc.
Email Marketing
This module covers email from a marketer’s perspective. You will learn how to write emails that help convert leads to customers or customers to repeat customers.
Conversion Optimization
This module will teach you how to build landing pages that increase the chances of a visitor converting to a lead.