In the present digital world, businesses cannot sustain if they don’t employ advanced techniques like targeting and optimization.Targeting essentially means displaying specific content to a defined set of people. Displaying an advertisement of male apparel to specific age groups of male audience or displaying an offer, related to electronics to frequent gadget buyers are some examples of targeting. The continuous process through which we achieve the perfect targeting for different scenarios is called optimization.

Even though the concept of targeting sounds simple, there is quite a challenge in implementation. For a campaign to achieve maximum efficiency, the targeting should be accurateand the system willneed to know the perfect set of audience. This is only possible if the system already has the data related to the target users and their actions. The data needs to be exhaustive, containing granular details related to the user’s demographics and behaviour. A typical business can have multiple campaigns that need to be displayed to different sets of audience. In such cases, there is a great need to predefine audience sets with a desired configuration. And this subdivision of a market, into discrete customer groupsshare ingsimilar characteristics, is called Customer Segmentation.

To create exhaustive customer segments, a business needs to have an analytics solution thatsegregates all data needed,and should have a provision to create customer segments based on historical data. At the same time, the analytics solution should work in tandem with the targeting system by giving access to user data,making it an ideal solution. Through this approach, a business can track users, their behaviour and target them with the right content. There are quite a few solutions in the marketthatdo the above. For example, Adobe Marketing Cloud has an inbuilt analytics solution to track user data, and also a targeting solution to work in tandem with analytics in targeting content to the right audience.

If you are a business that caters diverse content to various audience, it is essential you employ the right targeting solution to increase your ROI by optimizing your marketing spend.