It is of utmost importance for any business to track the interactions happening on multiple channels with the users and collect meaningful data. This helps the business to understand more about their customers and invest where the ROI is more. Our multi channel analytics and integration services help you in understanding your customers and their interactions, connect your analytics and marketing tools and make right decisions based on the insights.

Multichannel Data Collections:

Tracking the user interactions on various digital channels and collecting data can be achieved by employing some of the cutting edge digital analytics tools. To implement these complex tools, a business requires a highly-qualified team of experts with a specific skill set, which might be hard to come by. Our certified implementation engineers can help you in setting up and running various analytics tools on mobile apps, the web and other channels

Actionable Insights:

Collecting the multi-channel data is not the final solution if the business wants to make some decisions. Carving out actionable insights from huge data requires definite understanding of the business and interpreting the data. We at Payoda don’t stop at reporting but go beyond and look for actionable insights that adds value to your digital marketing and analytics initiatives.

Third party Integrations:

In the present digital age, businesses employ multiple analytics and marketing tools on their digital channels to conduct campaigns and collect data. When these tools are integrated with each other it provides a greater insight on the campaigns and a great impact on the ROI. With our in house growth hackers who has a great understanding of various Analytics and marketing tools added with programming capabilities, we can implement the available APIs and carry out complex integrations.