Today’s marketers have to manage multiple communication channels, all at once. Individual customer preferences and the frequently changing consumer privacy regulations constantly challenge our goal of a unified master strategy. Our multi-channel campaign management services help in reducing marketing fatigue, enabling companies to define, orchestrate and communicate information to customers across all channels (ex: websites, mobile, social, direct mail, call centers and email).

Integrated Search Campaigns:

Paid and natural search listings are being displayed to the same searchers, and when managed correctly, should benefit each other to enhance reach and increase conversion rates.Through integrated search campaigns, we can help businesses get maximum ROI and share of voice from both programs.

Social Campaigns:

Successful social campaigns require authentic, in-the-moment interactions to resonate with people and bring the story to life. In today’s business world, having a strong social presence is just as important, or even more important, than having a website. We help you stay ahead on major social channels with active monitoring, proactive engagement on community forums, and content creation to keep your online reputation well protected.

Display Campaigns

Images and videos are powerful tools for advertisers. Combined with a call to action, and specific targeting, display advertisements can quickly become your most profitable advertising initiative. Our design and editing team specializes in the creation of state-of-art multi-media, direct-response advertisements; and our account managers analyze daily data, making adjustments in real-time to maximize conversion opportunity and profitability.

Email Campaigns:

Email marketing is an essential component to any marketing strategy, and we provide end-to-end services including strategy, management, programming, and creative. Our email marketing experts will setup your campaigns, marketing automation, and analytics by applying critical thinking to your campaign to ensure that the goals are being met.