Implement section 508 accessibility standards:

  • To ensure people with physical, sensory, or cognitive disabilities have equal access to the data and functionality of web applications similar to those who do not have disabilities.
  • To have a flexible application that meets different user needs, preferences and situations, including people with temporary disabilities and changing abilities due to aging.
  • To implement recommendations given by Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and W3C Standards to perceive, understand, navigate and to interact on the web.
  • And identify appropriate tools that provide the most convenient access to the application and other electronic information on the web
Solution Provided:
  • Improved layout design, navigation model, information architecture, color contrast ratio, and look-and-feel with respect to the accessibility requirements.
  • Product made executable using appropriate markup language and assistive technology commands to navigate menus, tabs, links, pages to access the content, and users with disabilities can fill out online forms with necessary instructions and cues.
  • Enhanced usability and accessibility of content and dialogs while using Assistive Technologies (AT), keyboard-only access and various system settings.
  • Support equivalent alternative mode of operation and information retrieval for different user groups.
Business Benefits:
  • The product has achieved WCAG 2.0 “Accessibility – level AA standards”, by following the recommendations set by the W3C.
  • The web application can be viewed as the “ability to access” by many people with different types of disabilities.
  • Users with limited mobility and strength are able to access the web application using assistive technology such as screen readers, voice command and screen magnification. A few examples of implemented assistive technology, which currently benefit the users are as follows:
    • JAWS – (Screen reader software) is used in the application for visually challenged people.
    • Dragon Naturally Speaking – (Voice command software) is used for physically challenged people.
    • Zoomtext – (Screen magnification software) is used for elderly and visually impaired people.
    • Keyboard Access – (Using only keyboard) is used by people having limited use of their hand to enable them to interact with web pages.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and receive world-class services that cater to their needs. Implementing 508 compliance will ensure long term universal accessibility for all types of computer users including people with disabilities. It can improve the ability to deliver products that are more accessible and will be useful for an increased number of customers in addition to the needs of people with disabilities. 508 compliance just makes sense and allows ALL your customers to engage your brand.